Got a Question?
Why do I need a chimney sweep?

Sweeping your chimney flue is a very important part of your yearly home maintenance. A standard cleaning includes thorough removal of the creosote deposits from the fireplace (the chimney flue, smoke chamber and firebox) using special rods, chimney brushes, hand brushes and a vacuum. Having your chimney cleaned annually ensures proper ventilation and prevents dangerous creosote build up which can cause major problems in your home like a chimney fires or carbon monoxide leaks.

Why should I get my chimney inspected?

A chimney inspection is always recommended when you purchase a new home or have lived in your home for a number of years. We will inspect your fireplace, smoke chamber, and furnace flue, checking for draft issues and proper venting of your furnace and hot water heater. With a proper chimney inspection, you can stop problems before they stop.

Is a chimney cap important?

There are many reasons for a chimney cap. Chimney caps keep out rain water, unwanted animals like birds, raccoons and squirrels. These and other unwanted animals can build nests that will block your chimney flues from venting properly and can cause major problems for you and your family.

Why do I need a chimney liner?

Gas and smoke from a fireplace can seep through the chimney passageway and escape into your home. Chimney liners stop dangerous carbon monoxide from entering your home from your furnace flue. The liner acts as a protective barrier and separates the fireplace from the rest of your house. If you are thinking of a woodstove or pellet stove insert for your fireplace, it is essential to install a chimney liner for proper venting. If your liner is poorly fitted or is leaking, we can replace it with the industry’s leading liner products to ensure the safety of your home.

Why can’t I get my fireplace damper to work?

Occasionally, fireplace dampers can fall off their tracks, which can cause them to not close properly. Most of the time dampers can be fixed if the parts are available, however in older homes this may not be possible. We can install a stainless steel top sealing damper to solve this problem. These stainless steel dampers are easy to operate and also are more energy efficient.

How can I stop water leaks coming through my chimney?

Most times a simple chimney cap will do the trick. There are other areas you can treat also to stop chimney leaks. We can seal or repair the chimney flashing as well as sealing the actual chimney.


How long does a chimney sweep take?

On average it takes about 45 minutes to properly preform a chimney sweep. It often depends on how many flues you want swept.


Does a chimney sweep make a mess?

The answer is no. We spread out a number of drop cloths and have a hepa vacuum running at all times during your chimney cleaning. By doing this we insure a dust free chimney sweep.

I have a squirrel stuck in my chimney. Do you offer small animal removal?

Yes! Small animals can get into prefab chimneys and cause real problems. For instance, birds will often build nests in the upper niches of a chimney stack. We are conscience when dealing with an inhabited area. We use ethical and humane treatment to ensure the safety of you and your uninvited guests.